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Dr. Martin Brogli

Setting up Permissions in IFS, why is it such a challenge?

Implementing and running an ERP solution is a challenge. IFS Applications is one of the most successful solutions for mid-market industrial companies. Roles and permissions are needed to manage the usage rights in an ERP solution. Designing, implementing, running, and validating these roles and permissions is becoming increasingly important. IFS offers some roles & permissions functionality. 2BCS AG, with its vast experience in leading and supporting IFS implementations, sees numerous areas where improvements need to be made.

Loïc Bersier

Top 3 best practices for creating training material in ERP projects - some thoughts and experiences about the use of ClickLearn in IFS implementations

ClickLearn is just one of many tools helping companies to create training material. It is multi-language and multi-format and therefore most widely used in the context of ERP implementation projects. However, in order to successfully conduct training courses with modern concepts like blended learning, the existence of innovative tools is not sufficient at all. The decisive factor here is how the software is actually used.

Dr. Martin Brogli

SAP ERP and the migration to S4 HANA: Why are some companies using SAP reluctant?

In the last three years 2BCS AG has supported numerous SAP customers in identifying and choosing their company-specific roadmaps for their ERP future. This has seldomly been the standard SAP Brownfield or the SAP Greenfield approach. Key to success for our customers was transformation projects with customized approaches. As a result, the companies became more innovative and flexible. Also, their cost-efficiency increased significantly. In the end, our client’s target is to ensure that IT becomes a competitive advantage again. In this blog article I will identify some common concerns of our customers with SAP ERP before starting a roadmap project with 2BCS AG. Further blog articles about the roadmap, the cultural change and the financial benefits will follow.

Dr. Martin Stadelmann

Successful CRM Projects: 6 Pitfalls You Can (And Should) Avoid

CRM projects are complex. They affect several business areas and numerous stakeholders. On the way to a successful completion of a CRM project there will be many challenges. To avoid failure, you should consider the following recommendations. The expectations to a CRM system are high. So, why do the solutions often not deliver what companies expect? Moreover, in various areas such as usability, performance, automation or general added value, satisfaction is far below expectations.

Dr. Martin Brogli

ERP User satisfaction study paper 2020: crash of IFS

A few days ago the user satisfaction study 2020 was published. It is regarded as the benchmark for satisfaction with ERP solutions in German-speaking countries. Particularly striking is the crash of the IFS among the "larger solutions". SAP, Dynamics365 and IFS has always been considered as a good and solid system. In the 2020 study, user satisfaction with IFS has now been decreasing noticeably. The solution is rated slightly worse, the partner significantly worse. In this article, we will discuss possible reasons for this development.

Dr. Martin Brogli

Best Practice when implementing IFS

IFS Applications has become an important player in the market for ERP implementations for mid-sized industrial companies. Central Europe is a hot spot with many implementations. 2BCS has supported many of these during negotiations and implementation. Successful customers of IFS focus on the three Best Practices described in this article.

Dr. Martin Brogli

Setting up a Project Management Office (PMO)

Implementing ERP solutions is a tricky business. For all implementations, the customer project manager is very important. He or she usually has a whole bouquet of critical tasks that need to be taken care of. In larger projects these tasks are often shared in a Project Management Office (PMO) by Topic Experts. 2BCS has organized and managed many project offices and has identified the three best practices described in this article.

Dr. Martin Brogli

Implementing business applications - Testing is the name of the game!

Best Practice implementations of business applications highly focus on testing. Testing takes place in numerous cycles with increasing complexity. Testing depends on numerous other aspects of the implementation such as the development, such as data migration and the level of know-how. Successful test managers focus on the three Best Practices described in this article.