Financial services

Aduno Gruppe

Evaluation and Feasisbility study

The Aduno Group is a financial service provider which operates in the area of cashless payment. Because of the high growth and the increasingly complex requirements the back-end software systems needed to be replaced.

Tasks in project

  • Analysis of requirements in the area of: Accounting, HR payroll, treasury, order processing
  • Management, IKS, IT
  • Request for proposal and request for quotation for an ERP-solution
  • Assessment of the offers and pre-selection
  • Evalution workshop with selected partners and ranking
  • Feasability study to clearly define scope
  • Evaluation of the future operating model
  • Elaboration of the contract with the selected partner
  • Goals

    Evaluation of a state-of-the-art ERP software solution for accounting, HR payroll, consolidation, treasury and order processing

    Tasks of 2BCS

    - Creating request of proposal (RFP)
    - Coordinating RFP
    - Feasibility study