Machine-, electro- and metal industries


Evaluation BI - Consolidation

Ascom Holding needs a new solution for consolidation. An initially started project was stopped due to exceeding costs and differences with the implementation partner. Later Ascom decided to start the project newly.

Tasks in project

  • Request for proposal
  • Validate existing requirements and propose additional requirements (technology, project, partner, etc.)
  • Proposal of a Longlist
  • Request for quotation
  • Evaluate offers and propose short list candidates
  • Preparing, conducting and evaluating structured workshop with selected partners
  • Reference visits
  • Overall decision of the solution and partner
  • Negotiation and final contract with the selected partner for implementation
  • Goals

    Ascom wants to implement a new solution for consolidation. Therefore it is needed to evaluate if the previously choosen solution or a new solution/partner fulfils the requirements best.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Based on a request for proposal, 2BCS was in charge of evaluating the ideal solution and implentation partner for Ascom