Textile industries


Evaluation ERP and MES

Business processes are operated by diverse applications and isolated solutions and are not well supported anymore.


Tasks in project

  • Process analysis
  • • Process analysis of the core processes
  • • Definition of the requirements (separately for ERP and MES)
  • • Analysis of existing applications
  • Request for proposal
  • • Definition of additional requirements
  • • Development of a request for proposal and longlist
  • Request for quotation
  • • Definition of criteria for the evaluation
  • • Workshop preparation
  • Assessment of offers, evaluation workshops
  • • Assessment of offers
  • • Structured evaluation workshops
  • • Overall evaluation and decision on a preferred partner
  • Contract
  • • Commercial and legal negotiations
  • • Finalizing contracts
  • Goals

    A new solution should conribute to development within Weisbrod-Zürer. The processes should be covered as good as possible. Potential remaining applications need a good integration.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    2BCS leads the project from the definition of requirements until the implementation contracts.