Process industry (pharma, food)

Karl Bubenhofer AG

Digitalisation of KABE Farben

The corporate strategy of the group is being revised. KABE will grow in new geographies, cooperation within the group will be strengthened and effectiveness and efficiency will be greatly improved. The self-developed ERP solution cannot be further developed with reasonable effort.

Tasks in project

  • Definition of strategic cornerstones
  • Create process map
  • Create process profiles and document process potentials
  • Creating functional strategies for seven areas
  • Document target processes
  • Preparation of specifications and ERP tendering
  • Conduct contract negotiations
  • Goals

    KABE wants to implement integrated concepts in the areas of production, logistics, CRM, finance, PIM and data management and a process-oriented ERP evaluation by the end of 2018 and ensure the basis for a successful international introduction.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Creation of digitization strategies for production, logistics, CRM, finance, PIM and data management. Ensuring a process-oriented ERP evaluation taking into account all international requirements.