Wholesale and retail industries

Robusta AG

ERP Evaluation

The implemented ERP solution IGIS from Info Project has been in use since 1998 and is used by about 40 users. IGIS is basically running to satisfaction.
Since Info Project will continue to provide support and assistance for a few more years, the management decided to evaluate a new ERP solution.


Tasks in project

  • Define strategic cornerstones
  • Create process map
  • Create process profiles and document process potentials
  • Record actual processes
  • Document target processes
  • Elaboration of specifications and ERP tendering
  • conduct contract negotiations
  • Goals

    Robusta AG wants to do an evaluation for a common ERP system based on a process-oriented specification.
    Process recording and design, creation of specifications
    Evaluation of solutions, commercial and legal drafting of contracts

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Develop process map and future target processes. Creation of functional specifications. Ensuring a process-oriented ERP evaluation. Contract and award negotiations.