Machine-, electro- and metal industries

Heberlein AG


Tasks in project

  • Development and documentation of basic CRM understanding, target CRM model and target CRM processes (focus on sales and CRM management)
  • Comparison with actual sales processes and reporting requirements (actual and target gap)
  • Creation of functional and technical CRM requirement specifications as a basis for the selection/evaluation of providers
  • Pre-selection and execution of the tender including evaluation of the submitted offers
  • Preparation and implementation of workshops with 3 CRM integrators (service providers) with 3 different CRM software solutions
  • Moderation of the provider decision process
  • Negotiation of service and license conditions and conclusion
  • Goals

    Heberlein has been working on the design of a modern customer management system since 2019: the project goal is to equip the business functions of sales, marketing and customer service with a modern CRM solution. This should enable timely customer management processes to be carried out more effectively with modern technical aids.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Execution of CRM evaluation from the definition of requirements to the supplier presentations and the signing of the contract by the management.