Machine-, electro- and metal industries

Huber + Suhner

DR18-36 Prestudy ERP next Platform

Huber+Suhner introduced the SAP platform in 2010. SAP is now used at all locations worldwide. Maintenance is guaranteed by SAP until 2025. Today almost all business processes are supported by R/3. However, the specialist departments are increasingly using third-party solutions in parallel.

Tasks in project

  • Create a detailed project plan
  • Review existing ideas for a survey
  • Define new structure and content of survey
  • Define survey participants (online and interviews)
  • Carry out survey & document interviews
  • Summarize results of survey and interviews
  • Identify Platform demands
  • Create Platform variants based on theory & experience in a workshop
  • Carry out benefit analysis for the Platform variants
  • Scope projects needed to implement best fitting Platform variant and document strategy
  • Create roadmap by scheduling projects based on effort, dependencies, costs and internal resources
  • Goals

    Before considering a change in ERP strategy parts of the IT department at Huber+Suhner would like to gain more insights and understanding of the current best practices and trends in the industry regarding various issues in order to define a platform strategy and roadmap.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Define scope and dimensions that should be researched
    Conducting an online survey and interviews
    Identification of fields of activity with suggested actions as a roadmap