Construction and building-related

Baumgartner Fenster

Application Roadmap

G. Baumgartner AG is producer of windows. G. Baumgartner AG advises customers and produces and installs windows made from wood or wood/metall. Due to its growth, the processes and applications became intransparent and complicated.

Tasks in project

  • Corporate goals
  • • Strategy analysis and workshop with the management
  • • Business model generation (Canvas)
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • • Alignment fit (strategy vs. processes), coverage-analysis (processes/master data vs. applications)
  • • Analysis of satisfaction and requirement (employee perspective)
  • • Analysis of applications, interfaces and infrastructure
  • Development of a target state
  • • Draft of a target model including pros and cons regarding the strategy fit
  • • Comparison of target models
  • • Selection of the preferred solution
  • Application strategy
  • • Verbalization of the strategy
  • • Application landscape
  • • Detailled description of implemention projects
  • Goals

    Development of an application roadmap (IT strategy and application landscape) which leads to more efficiency and increases the effectiveness of the processes.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    2BCS will provide an application roadmap that clearly shows the future application landscape and the necessary transformation projects.