Machine-, electro- and metal industries


Digitization of the process landscape

STAG AG is a project manufacturer and one of the most important areas is engineering. The integrative processes are decisive for the success of STAG AG. The ERP solution used cannot be further developed at reasonable cost.

Tasks in project

  • Define strategic cornerstones
  • Create process map
  • Create process profiles and document process potentials
  • Record actual processes
  • Document target processes
  • Elaboration of specifications and ERP tendering
  • Lead contract negotiations
  • Goals

    STAG AG wants to conduct an evaluation based on a process-oriented specification.
    - Process recording and design and preparation of the requirements specification.
    - Solution evaluation
    - Commercial and legal drafting of contracts

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Creation of functional specifications.
    Ensuring a process-oriented ERP evaluation.
    Contract and award negotiations.