Machine-, electro- and metal industries

Uster Technologies AG

CRM concept and CRM evaluation

Uster Technologies is the global leader in textile testing and quality control. It’s testing and monitoring instruments and systems set the standards for innovative, easy-to-use technology.

Tasks in project

  • The evaluation is a worldwide project based in Uster.
  • 200 Users are expected to work with future CRM solution
  • Involvement and Change Management for future CRM users were important and therefore several additional workshops took place
  • Service became more and more important during evaluation
  • Goals

    Uster Technologies’ goal is to ‘delight customers’. Prerequisites are needed to ensure that the goal is reached; one is a centralized view of the customer. A common customer database shall replace its existing distributed customer data applications. A CRM solution shall be evaluated and implemented.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    to evaluate and contract the solution and implementation partner that fits best to Uster Technologies requirements
    to conduct change management workshops with involved stakeholders