Wholesale and retail industries

Lagerhaus Landquart AG

Restructuring Intralogistics

The logistics center in Landquart is reaching the limits of its capacity and must be expanded at the site. In the course of the expansion, new logistics software systems will be used for material flow control of the new miniload.


Tasks in project

  • Project management for the concept and detailed planning of the expansion of the distribution center.
  • Evaluation of system alternatives
  • Development of technical concept
  • Layout alternatives with subsequent tendering
  • Implementation, commissioning and acceptance of the new logistics concept with new material flow control for the new miniload
  • New construction and integration of a new miniload system (GTP-Goods-to-person) into the existing handover system
  • Goals

    Landquart warehouse requires a new warehouse management system and a new material flow control system to manage the new miniload.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Planning, tendering and commissioning of the new AKL and the new logistics software.