Professional services

Miebach Logistik


Delhaize has started a tender process to find a system integrator for the planned Fast Mover Distribution Center FMDC in the existing site of Ninove. Within this process Delhaize is supported by Miebach Consulting. It is foreseen to install the WMS by the system integrator and supplier of the material flow systems.

Tasks in project

  • Project phase 1: Process description Logistics
  • Project phase 2: Requirements Specification
  • Project phase 3: Final inspection specification
  • Project phase 4: Execution of the Tender process
  • Goals

    Delhaize had planned to describe the requirements for the WMS and to accompany the tender process regarding the IT-systems by themselves. Due to different reasons Delhaize has not the capacity to fulfil these tasks and therefore asked Miebach Consulting for their support.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Miebach Consulting assigned 2BCS AG to support the project