Process industry (pharma, food)

Mopac Wasen AG

Preparation of Specifications

In the context of the evaluation of a new ERP system in cooperation with 2BCS AG, the topic of the renewal of the warehouse management computer was discussed. SwissLog AG and KARDEX Systems AG have already submitted an offer for the renewal of the warehouse management computer.

Tasks in project

  • In cooperation with Mopac, 2BCS is developing the specifications.
  • This specification describes the logistic processes, the data technical warehouse characteristics, the corresponding data sets and the corresponding algorithms and strategies.
  • The jointly with Mopac developed specifications are documented by 2BCS, internally subjected to a QS review and subsequently submitted for acceptance.
  • Goals

    Mopac Wasen AG wants to obtain a tender document by creating a specification of the logistic processes, especially for the areas of manual pallet storage and automated high-bay warehouse, in order to receive an offer for the replacement or connection of the current WMS.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    With the support of 2BCS AG, Mopac Wasen AG is preparing a specification for a tender for the warehouse management and warehouse control functions for the Wasen site.