Machine-, electro- and metal industries

Uster Technologies AG


Uster Technologies AG has conducted an ERP evaluation together with 2BCS and has provisionally selected the IFS Applications 10 solution from IFS.

Tasks in project

  • Examination of the initial situation in order to identify gaps.
  • Commissioning of the parties to close these gaps (e.g. responsibility matrix).
  • Creation of a negotiation strategy including commercial objectives
  • Preparation of the 2BCS contract templates (framework agreement, project agreement, license agreement, cost templates etc.)
  • Several legal and commercial negotiation rounds
  • Documentation of the results including internal coordination with all parties
  • Review of final contracts with recommendation to the management.
  • Goals

    Conducting a professional negotiation with the aim of drafting a commercial and legal contract with the supplier.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Conduct negotiations and ensure that the contract is "best practice".