Machine-, electro- and metal industries

Medartis AG

CRM-Partner Evaluation

Medartis has many different IT applications in use. In the center is a SAP system. The system supports sales, materials management, production, finance and controlling. The CRM area is perceived as insufficient. Too many Excel lists are necessary for sales support.

Tasks in project

  • Together with 2BCS, Medartis conducted a CRM implementation partner evaluation for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution based on a process-oriented specification.
  • During the evaluation it was made sure that the worldwide common denominator regarding the sales process has been established and that the implementation of the same can be done as close as possible to the standard of the Microsoft solution. Surveys in USA, CH, GB, DE and AUS.
  • A detailed requirements specification and comparable offers based on it from the implementation partners that were considered according to 2BCS recommendations were the starting point for the successful implementation.
  • Goals

    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM used in Australia is to be deployed and used worldwide after a standardization of the sales processes. A suitable implementation partner is also to be found for this.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Joint sales process and description of functional requirements.
    Evaluation of the most suitable partner for the implementation.