Process industry (pharma, food)

Georg Utz AG

Contract Review

The Georg Utz Group is a leading manufacturer of plastic containers, pallets and technical parts for modern reusable logistics. Since its foundation in Switzerland in 1947, the company has grown into an international group of companies with locations on 3 continents.

Tasks in project

  • Preparation of existing contract documents and determination of the initial situation
  • Optimization of the contract documents over several cycles in coordination with project management of the Georg Utz Group
  • Review of the quantitative values of the contract and identification of optimization potentials based on 2BCS benchmarks
  • Goals

    The Georg Utz Group plans to implement a new ERP solution at its sites in the coming years. This will be based on a roll-out strategy.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Review of the existing contract documents
    Suggesting optimizations of the contract documents
    Demonstration of benchmarks (costs and efforts)