Wholesale and retail industries


Evaluation BI - Overall solution

The current reporting system had approximately 200 reports, though not every report was used regularly. In addition, it was unclear how many other reports were created by the departments. Due to this fact as well as issues in the area of master data and definitions the current reporting environment could not cope with requirements anymore. A new BI / MIS is needed.


Tasks in project

  • Request for proposal
  • • Validation of existing requirements
  • • Recommendation of additional requirements (technology, project, partner, etc.)
  • • Finalizing and sending of the request for proposal
  • • Long list
  • Request for quotation
  • • Definition of the evaluation criteria
  • • Preparation of the workshop
  • Offer assessment and evaluation workshop
  • • Analysis of offers
  • • Decision on a shortlist (together with Denner)
  • • Structured evaluation workshops
  • • Assessment of workshops
  • • Reference visits
  • • Overall valuation and decision of the preferred partner
  • Contract and negotiations
  • • Commercial negotiations
  • • Legal negotiations
  • • Finalizing the contract
  • Goals

    Denner would like to evaluate a new overall BI solution within one quarter and then continue with the implementation

    Tasks of 2BCS

    2BCS supported Denner during the evalution (from the request for quotation until the finalized contracts)