Construction and building-related

Ego Kiefer

Evaluation and pilot

In 2009, EgoKiefer has set up a new IT strategy. With the background of the AFG-SAP strategy, EgoKiefer has created a so called IT-house. SAP and PrefSuite have an important role in this IT-house.

Tasks in project

  • Project preparation
  • • Project lead, communication and reporting
  • • Understanding the strategy and business model
  • Analysis of the status quo
  • • Reading of the documentations and preparing a draft of the processes
  • • Evaluation workshop
  • • Comparing the status quo with the draft
  • Definition of the target
  • • Process profiles
  • • Definition of target processes during the workshops (based on the existing processes, process profiles and best practices)
  • Request for proposal / Evaluation
  • • Preparing the request for proposal
  • • Assessment of offers, two evaluation workshops, references
  • Pilot core process
  • • Definition and setup of the pilot (with two vendors)
  • • Valuation of the pilot
  • Decision and implementation preparation
  • • Creating business case
  • • Preparing implementation
  • Goals

    Within a preliminary project, the processes have been optimized. Based on this, a request for proposal was created to choose the best SAP partner for a pilot project. The aim was to finish the evaluation and pilot at the end of 2010.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Process optimization, evaluation and pilot