Machine-, electro- and metal industries

Fritz Gyger AG

Reversing of the current project

After evaluating an ERP solution in 2012, Fritz Gyger has started to implement the new ERP solution. During the implementation phase, the project exceed the costs and timeline significantly. Additionally, the chosen system was not able to fulfil the expected and agreed requirements.

Tasks in project

  • At maximum, the damage consists of the costs for the evaluation and implementation, the accrued rental costs, 5-year obligation and the internal efforts from Gyger.
  • The negotiations were held in parallel - on the one hand with the chosen implementation partner and on the other hand with the software manufacturer itself
  • A solution which was acceptable for all parties was found. However, all of the parties had to waive some claims.
  • Later, a new solution was evaluated and implemented.
  • Goals

    The aim was to reverse the current ERP project and minimize the damage.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    The role of 2BCS was to examine the damage, develop a strategy to reverse the project and implement the chosen strategy.