Process industry (pharma, food)

Gastro Star

ERP Evaluation

- Analysis, illustration and documentation of the processes and devices
- Development of a basis for the implementation (Business case and approach) until June 2015
- Development of a request for proposal as a basis for the implementation contract (until July 2015)

Tasks in project

  • Development of a business case
  • Creating a basis for the implementation
  • Analysis of process across all functions
  • Process workshops with the person responsible
  • Development of process profiles
  • Analysis of strenghts and weaknesses
  • Definition of target processes
  • Functional requirements
  • Request for proposal
  • Contract preparation
  • Goals

    Renewal of the IT at Gastro Start - The aim was to keep the market orientation and increase the integration within the Hilcona/Bell Group.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    The ERP solution of Gastro Star was developed in-house and covers some specific functional requirements.
    Hilcona would like to use synergies with Gastro Star which needs a reorientation of the current IT.