Construction and building-related

Jaisli-Xamax AG


Jaisla Xamax AG has around 400 employees and is a company specialized on electrical installations (switchgear construction, building systems technology and photovoltaics). Jaisly Xamax IT was not supporting the processes sufficiently due to its high growth.

Tasks in project

  • Analysis of the existing processes
  • Definition of target processes
  • Deriving functional requirements based on the process analysis
  • Request for quotation (ERP and hardware)
  • Assessment of offers and shortlist (3 solutions)
  • Evaluation workshop with two vendors according to a storybook
  • Contract negotitations and project preparations
  • Project lead during the detailled concept phase
  • Goals

    Efficiency and transparency improvements in the processes due to a new ERP solution as well as renewal of the hardware incl. outtasking

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Evaluation of a new ERP solution and partner for the new infrastructure