Machine-, electro- and metal industries

Meag AG

New ERP 2013

MEAG is a system supplier and provides services in the machine industry.
MEAG was working with an outdated ERP solution based on DOS. A new ERP solution should be able to cover new requirements and increase efficiency and transparency.

Tasks in project

  • Analysis of the existing processes
  • Deeper analysis of key topics such as production planning, stocklist
  • Deriving functional requirements based on the process analysis and key topics
  • Request for quotation
  • Offer (8 solutions)
  • Assessment and shortlist (3 solutions)
  • Evaluation workshop with two vendors according to a storybook
  • Contract negotiations and project preparation
  • Goals

    More efficient and transparent processes due to a new and well implemented ERP solution

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Evaluation of a new ERP solution including process analysis and definition of requirements