Machine-, electro- and metal industries

Medical Vision Group

MedicalVision Challenge

Medical Vision Group (MVG) has approximately 80 employees and 3 subsidiaries (in the field of eye surgery and optics, service centre for medical equipment and food supplements).
Their current ERP system was not supporting the requirements and processes sufficiently.

Tasks in project

  • Extensive process analysis (existing and target processes)
  • Request for quotation
  • Assessment and shortlist (3 solutions)
  • Evaluation workshop with two vendors according to a storybook
  • Contract negotiations and project preparation
  • Implementation support, coaching of the internal project lead and support of the steering committee
  • 2BCS feedback form (web-based) used for the training evalutation by the participants
  • Valuation of the training feedback (report)
  • Coordination of the testing phase
  • Goals

    Efficiency improvements in the processes due to new a new and well implemented ERP solution

    Tasks of 2BCS

    - Definition of requirements and request for proposal
    - Evaluation of an ERP solution
    - Support of the project lead during the implementation