Process industry (pharma, food)



RAMSEIER Suisse AG is a well-known beverage producer with around 40 sales employees. Ramseier is part of the fenaco Group and was working without a real CRM system. This has led to an insufficient transparency and efficiency of the sales activities.

Tasks in project

  • Verification of the target processes and the CRM modell
  • Deeper analysis of key topics such as indirect client contact or offline/mobile functionality
  • Deriving functional requirements based on the processes
  • Request for quotation
  • Shortlist (3 solutions)
  • Evaluation workshop with two vendors
  • Contract negotiations and project preparation including change management to ensure acceptance
  • Support during the implementation, in particular quality management
  • Goals

    Efficiency and transparency enhancements within the sales process, increase in revenue and market share

    Tasks of 2BCS

    - Evaluation of a CRM solution including comprehensive definition of requirements
    - Support of the project lead during the implementation.