Textile industries


Realisation COS

Salzmann group is an important manufacturer and seller of medical compression hosieries. Elastic yarns are produced by "Salzmann Stretch" and knitted by "Mesh", both are subsidiaries.


Tasks in project

  • Overall project lead and communication with the management and the board of directors
  • ERP evaluation based on new target processes
  • Partial project lead during the ERP evaluation
  • Partial project lead Move: logistical merge and new construction of the warehouse
  • Partial project lead PMK: Design culture and mission statement
  • Design of the technical interfaces to the customers and to the group
  • Goals

    Enable to merge both subsidiaries on an operative level (processes, logistics, IT) and create the preconditions for a new company "Swisslastic"

    Tasks of 2BCS

    - Process analysis
    - Definition of requirements and evaluation for both firms with the aim to identify a combined ERP solution
    - Taking over the responsibility during the implementation and setup of the logistical and personnel infrastructure