Wholesale and retail industries

SFS unimarket

CRM Evaluation

SFS unimarket belongs to the Rheintaler SFS Group and has approximately 600 employees and is a supplier of screws, tools, building materials and more. SFS unimarket was using an individual CRM solution on the basis of lotus notes. This should be replaced by a state-of-the-art standard CRM solution.


Tasks in project

  • Scope definition with the 2BCS CRM landscape
  • Definition of requirements in all areas the four relevant sales areas
  • Analysis and coordination of the IT requirements and the existing SAP landscape
  • Consolidation of the requirements and request for proposal
  • Longlist research
  • Request for quotation and analysis of valuation of the offers
  • Evaluation workshops and reference visits
  • Basis for the decision including business case
  • Goals

    Evaluation of a standard CRM solution with a high integration into the existing SAP landscape as well as a mobile solution for field service (Windows 8 hybrid device).

    Tasks of 2BCS

    - Scope definition
    - Analysis of requirements
    - Request for proposal
    - Request for quotation
    - Basis for the decision and business case