Professional services

Sunrise Communications AG

WHO - work order handling

In the area of Business Customers, Sunrise is one of the leading telecommunications provider in Switzerland. For business customers, individual solutions are configured. However, some processes were inefficient due to a lack of transparency.

Tasks in project

  • Development of a modular process architecture according to the method PROMET
  • Deriving macro and micro processes
  • Instruction and guidance of the process modeling on macro and micro level
  • Development of guidelines for the future modeling
  • Project lead during the the illustration of the processes in a workflow tool
  • Project management tasks
  • Change management support (project marketing, employee feedback, training schedule, training documents)
  • Final project audit
  • Goals

    Introduction of a modular process architecture, process analysis and illustration in a workflow tool.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Development of a process architectue, modeling guidelines, project lead, tool implementation