Process industry (pharma, food)


Data Quality @ Wander

Wander AG develops, produces and sells high-quality food. The most known products are Ovomaltine, Caotina, Twinings, Dawa, Jemalt and Isostar. Wander belongs to Associate British Foods.

Tasks in project

  • Determine scope of the data
  • Analysis of the affected organizational units and data owner
  • Qualitative survey with data owner
  • Deriving specific rules to test the data
  • Quantitative assessment of the data according to the rules
  • Summary of the assessment in a DQ-roadmap
  • Evaluation and recommendation on how improve data quality
  • Goals

    Proactive review of ERP data regarding data quality. Priorities, sequence, dependencies and methods to improve the data quality should be determined.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    Data quality assessment, development, priorization and illustration of the actions required in a DQ-roadmap