Construction and building-related


ERP negotiations

WinGroup (approx. 400 employees) is a european manufacturer of balcony glazings and winter gardens with its headquarter in Schaan. WinGroup needed to decide between 2 ERP products. Uncertainties regarding the future fit and the term of conditions were remaining.

Tasks in project

  • Roles during the negotiations (Lead: WinGroup; 2BCS: Best pracices and back office)
  • Contract according to Swiss law and based on 2BCS standard (service contract), 4 subprojects to minimize the risk
  • Bonus-penalty contract which increase the motivation to achieve the targets
  • Very attractive conditions for licences, maintenance, implementation service and outsourcing
  • Customer-oriented maintenance contract
  • Definition of internal capacities, necessary skills and ressources
  • Goals

    The aim of the shortened evaluation was to find the correct product and partner as well as negotiate the contract and conditions.

    Tasks of 2BCS

    - Review of offer and statement
    - Identification of alternative solutions
    - Negotiation strategy
    - Support during the commercial and legal negotiations