Machine-, electro- and metal industries

Zehnder Group

Zehnder Business Case

Zehnder Group tried to implement JD Edwards for nearly 5 years without success. In parallel, the business model of the Zehnder Group has changed from a manufacturer of radiators to a provider of comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

Tasks in project

  • Analysis of strategy: Demonstration of the implications of the new strategy on the processes and ERP system
  • Identify the contribution of the ERP system to achieve the goals of the strategy
  • Create an "ERP-Strategy" = Determine the expectation (system functionality, flexibility, market support)
  • New business and process model for the business strategy "room climate"
  • Description of 3 different approaches/options on how to proceed in the ERP project
  • Determine the criteria for the evaluation of these options
  • Cost utility analysis
  • Proposal on how to proceed (steps, schedule, costs and internal effort)
  • The analysis and the recommendations have been approved by the board of directors and implemented as planned
  • Goals

    Concept and recommendation for the way forward in the area of ERP including options, risks and costs

    Tasks of 2BCS

    - Analysis of the situation and strategy
    - Identification and valuation of options
    - Recommendation on how to proceed