Construction and building-related

Hälg Building Services Group

ERP Hälg Group

With around 900 employees, Hälg Group is one of the leading service companies for building technology in the area of heating installation, ventilation system, air conditioning and sanitary facilities. April 2012, the new ERP System JD Edwards was implemented.

Tasks in project

  • Request for proposal and contract negotiations with the ERP partner
  • Planning of the training for Hälg using the 2BCS training database (450 employees, 30 roles, 25 training modules)
  • Planning and coordination of the trainings including evaluation and optimization of trainings
  • Distribution of training schedule per employee
  • Evaluation of the trainings and feedback using the 2BCS Feedback form (sent to the participants)
  • Goals

    ERP project setup and contracts as well as training of employees

    Tasks of 2BCS

    - Support of project setup and contract negotiations
    - Realisation and controlling of the training for the employees and instructors