Our philosophy and way of working

Three traits are at the heart of 2BCS: independence, competence, and efficiency. In all our client projects, these traits are the building blocks of whatever we do.


We are a neutral and independent consultancy for business and IT transformation. Our clients expect and profit from the unbiased requirement-based selection and fairly negotiated contracts. Apart from our professional mindset, we use well-known and proven online databases to compare offerings from over 1'800 applications and partners in the European market.


Our consultants have business process, method-know-how and IT market experience from hundreds of digitalization projects. Each project generates new learnings that we continuously include in our methods and tools. New projects profit from these learnings! This continuous improvement cycle has helped us strengthen our position as market and thought leader since 2006.


Transformation projects are cooperations between our clients and ourselves. We carry out these projects in a highly efficient manner. This efficiency is generated by using our best practice methods tools. We can reduce throughput time, increase transparency, and reduce risks in the project and its implementation. This allows our clients to optimize the involvement of their personnel in the transformation projects.

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