Dr. Martin Brogli

Dr. oec HSG

Dr. Martin Brogli founded 2BCS AG. He has been supporting national and international clients as a process and IT consultant since 1995. After studying information management he did his PhD on the digitalization and management of processes at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). Martin is a well-known expert in application strategies, process optimization, evaluations and setting up and running PMOs.


Schools in USA and Switzerland
Studied information management at the HSG
PhD on Processes and IT (Digitalization of processes)


Business models
Process optimization
Application and digitalization strategies
Project Management and PMO activities


2 years Foundation for Information Management at the HSG, St. Gallen
7 years Helbling Management Consulting, Zürich
2 years BSG Unternehmensberatung, St. Gallen
Since 2006 founder and CEO of 2BCS AG, St. Gallen


Married and father of 5 children
Lives in Hauptwil, the nicest town in Thurgau
Hobbies: Tennis and Jogging