Focussed process and application services

2BCS AG Services

Strategy Services

2BCS analyses your business, digitalization and application strategies. Based on the findings and consequences we define the strategic requirements for your processes and IT.

2BCS offers the following application strategy services:

Business Strategy

  • Analysis and documentation of business models
  • Creation of digitalization strategies for processes incl. In- and outsourcing potential
  • Creation of process maps
  • Definition of strategic requirements to the processes and IT

Application Strategy

  • Creation of an application strategy based on a business strategy
  • Creation of a digitalization strategy
  • As-is analysis (Coverage-Analyse, cost analysis, technology analysis)
  • Definition of projects to implement the application strategy

Change Management

  • Creation of a change management plan
  • Active support during change processes
  • Definition, planning and implementation of initiatives
  • Support during change transition

Process Services

Analysis of the as-is processes. Design of best practice target processes along your whole value chain

2BCS can support you with the following services:

  • Independent advice
  • Process analysis and -design
  • Process audit
  • Requirements definition

Implementation Services

2BCS supports the successful implementation of your business application. Different models of engagement are available.


How good are your processes and systems? We offer a proprietary method and toolset to quantify the quality, fit and identify areas of improvement.

  • What is application coverage of your business processes?
  • What is the benefit of carrying out an independent evaluation?
  • Are there new requirements?
  • We carry out tool-based audits.
  • You benefit by receiving a detailed audit report and improvement proposals
  • We deliver new approaches