Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

With its Microsoft Dynamics 356 division, Microsoft is a world’s leading provider of enterprise software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers comprehensive ERP, CRM, SCM, SRM and PLM solutions.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO

Microsoft is a worldwide operating software and hardware manufacturer from the USA with solutions in the office area, operating systems and business software. More than 130,000 employees work for Microsoft all over the world. With its Microsoft Dynamics 365 division, Microsoft offers leading business management software for companies. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX, for medium-sized to large companies covers all ERP functionalities. The system is expandable with functions such as CRM, SCM, SRM, PLM etc. and is available in the cloud as well as on-premise. More than 170'000 customers and 4 million users trust in the Microsoft Dynamics products.

Special 2BCS Services during Mircosoft Dynamics 365 Implementations

  • Planning and design of Collaboration Platform
  • Test management incl. tool support
  • Training concepts and planning
  • Cut-over planning

2BCS Blog

Setting up Permissions in IFS, why is it such a challenge?

Implementing and running an ERP solution is a challenge. IFS Applications is one of the most successful solutions for mid-market industrial companies. Roles and permissions are needed to manage the usage rights in an ERP solution. Designing, implementing, running, and validating these roles and permissions is becoming increasingly important. IFS offers some roles & permissions functionality. 2BCS AG, with its vast experience in leading and supporting IFS implementations, sees numerous areas where improvements need to be made.

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ERP User satisfaction study paper 2020: crash of IFS

A few days ago the user satisfaction study 2020 was published. It is regarded as the benchmark for satisfaction with ERP solutions in German-speaking countries. Particularly striking is the crash of the IFS among the "larger solutions". SAP, Dynamics365 and IFS has always been considered as a good and solid system. In the 2020 study, user satisfaction with IFS has now been decreasing noticeably. The solution is rated slightly worse, the partner significantly worse. In this article, we will discuss possible reasons for this development.

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Best Practice when implementing IFS

IFS Applications has become an important player in the market for ERP implementations for mid-sized industrial companies. Central Europe is a hot spot with many implementations. 2BCS has supported many of these during negotiations and implementation. Successful customers of IFS focus on the three Best Practices described in this article.

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