Efficiency is an important trait at 2BCS. That is the reason that we create and use online tools to support our services and to work more efficiently for our clients.

All tools are designed, created and improved with a vision of improving our service offerings by making them more efficient, transparent and safe. All of this leads to our teams generating more value for our clients.

Most of these tools have been created in cooperation with our clients. We would gladly present our tools if you are interested.

IFS Permission Manager

We endeavour to make IFS a secure and easy-to-use application

It supports you in the creation, administration and auditing of roles and authorisations. It is a web-based tool that connects directly to the IFS environment. Complete role and authorisation concepts can be set up and managed with little effort on the part of the customer.

2BCS Training Manager

The work is done, the new software is designed and ready to use. Now your employees need to be trained to become users. How do we do that?

The success of a newly implemented software strongly depends on how well the future users are informed and trained on the use of the new software. Often projects are delayed, little time remains for training and the future trainers are busy with other ...

2BCS IT-Ticketing Tool

Solving problems during a Go Live is vital for the acceptance and success of the project. The problem-solving process must be easy to initiate, quick, transparent, and efficient. Keeping an overview of the problems, their priority and impact is vital. How can we keep an overview of the issues, assign issues and monitor the resolution of the problems?

The 2BCS Ticketing Tool is an online, ...

2BCS Digital Navigator

Where are digitalization gaps and potential in your organization? Identifying gaps and finding the right solutions and changes to close these gaps is vital in today business world. This is a necessary approach to stay ahead of competition.

The 2BCS Digital Navigator is a web-based tool to support digitalization initiatives from the beginning to the end. The tool supports organizations in ...

2BCS IFS Permissions Manager

Are you a user of IFS Applications or are you in the process of implementing this modern solution? If so then the 2BCS IFS Permissions Manager is the right tool for you. The online tool supports you when creating, managing, and auditing your roles and permissions.  The web-based tool is directly connected to your IFS environment. The tool visualizes the roles and permissions and greatly re...

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