Increasing company value through customer loyalty


In our understanding „Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) is an integrated management concept aiming at improving customer retention and in the end the company value. Four strategic areas need to be managed well:

Strategic direction

A CRM strategy encompasses all measures which target at strengthening the customer orientation of an organization. The primary focus is on creating a consistent customer experience and end-2-end customer processes.

Modern, needs-based communication

Using modern and fitting communication instruments and technologies helps organizations efficiently reap the customer potential.

Customer-friendly organization

CRM means transforming marketing, sales, and service of an organization towards the acquisition of long-term profitable customers. These customers need to buy more higher value products and need to be bound to the organization (customer acquisition, development and customer retention).

Customer-oriented company culture

Change Management

A prerequisite for an effective CRM is a right culture – a “customer culture”. This culture fosters employees in becoming “customer-oriented”. This kind of culture can be established with change management instruments.

In the CRM area

Our services

2BCS offers 6 specific CRM services which are all based on our vast experience. As independent experts we focus on a seamless integration of your CRM initiatives with the existing instruments and tools, such as ERP.

CRM strategy

The existing company strategy is the starting point for a CRM strategy. 2BCS facilitates you in focusing your organization on the CRM requirements. The goal is a harmonization that enables a unified market presence. Developing a CRM strategy takes place in the form of workshops, trainings, and coaching.

CRM audit


A strengths / weaknesses profile of your organization is created based on interviews between your organization and our CRM experts. Our CRM maturity and best practice models enable us to position and valuate your CRM organization and activities. This audit leads to proposed call to actions.

CRM vision

Target Picture

Together with your employees our experts develop a CRM vision including CRM principles. The CRM vision is aligned with your company and the divisional strategies.

CRM process requirements and evaluation

2BCS supports you defining your CRM processes and your tool requirements in all customer management areas. The resulting documentation can be used as an internal project brief and for an evaluation of a CRM tool and integration partner.

CRM programme management and coaching

2BCS supports you all the way through your implementation of a CRM initiative. We do this supporting individual projects (e.g., CRM implementation, ERP-integration) but also enabling a whole CRM programme management.


Our customer promise

2BCS clients profit from our profound experience and individualized services in the CRM arena. Our expert’s advice you independently of any interests and with many years of experience. Transparent and proactive communication are very important – but also realistic expectations. Apart from our independent valuation of your situation we promise to support you with practical and proven approaches for successfully managing all CRM challenges.

I-Hsiang Hung
I-Hsiang Hung
Senior Consultant

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