CRM Evaluation

Bio Partner AG

Bio Partner AG is the leading organic wholesaler in Switzerland and supplies customers in the organic specialist trade, retail trade, gastronomy and industry exclusively in Switzerland.

Project objective

Evaluation of a standard CRM solution with high integration into the ERP landscape. Consideration of all touchpoints along current and future customer journeys.

Project activities

  • Carrying out a Request for Information with CRM software manufacturers
  • Scope definition with 2BCS CRM map
  • Requirements assessment along relevant touchpoints, orientation based on defined customer journeys
  • Coordination with IT requirements of existing and future application landscape (especially ERP)
  • Coordination of requirements from the analytical area (aCRM)
  • Consolidation of requirements and creation of functional specifications
  • Longlist definition: reduction of potential software solutions on the basis of the RfI information, definition of potential implementation partners per software solution
  • Tendering and evaluation of offers
  • Basis for decision-making
  • Translated with (free version)

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