ERP software

The prerequisite for efficient processes

ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) are one of the most important applications that an organization can have. A well-implemented ERP can enable highly effective resource allocation and can greatly increase the efficiency of the business processes throughout the whole value chain.

Depending on the scope and type of ERP solution, numerous or even all business areas can be functionally supported. All material, financial and information flows are supported.

Within an organization the ERP system is often interfaced with other applications such as CRM or MES. External partners, such as suppliers and customers are often also connected.

The manufacturing customers of 2BCS often use one of the following systems: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, ProAlpha, Abas or Infor.

Evaluation and implementation

Our services in the field of ERP

2BCS offers three services in the ERP area: audit, evaluation and the implementation of ERP systems. Our clients usually mandate one of the three services to 2BCS. The three services are closely related and we guarantee that the services fit together like cogwheels. In other words: the ERP evaluation builds the foundation for a successful implementation of an ERP system. ERP audits can lead to an evaluation.

ERP Evaluation

2BCS is the leading professional, independent consultant for ERP evaluations in Central Europe. Many hidden (but also some well-known) champions depend on our expertise. Not only for evaluations, but also for commercial and legal negotiations with future partners.

In a first step we analyze the as-is processes and design the target processes. These are needed to derive the process requirements to the future ERP system. The functional and technical requirements, but also expectations towards hosting and partner support are documented in a Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP is given to pre-selected, qualified implementation partners to answer. The received quotes are thoroughly analysed. The best potential partners are invited to participate in evaluation workshops.

The final decision for a specific ERP solution and an implementation partner is based on the results of the workshops but also further information such as functional coverage, costs, technology, and comparisons to benchmarks. Before going into the ERP implementation, a commercial and legal contract between our client and the potential partner (s) needs to be negotiated. This is a 2BCS speciality.

ERP Implementation

2BCS supports it’s clients in carrying out efficient ERP implementation projects. The benefits of an ERP implementation are large – the effort needed (in costs and in internal hours) is also high. Successful implementation projects assume that the clients not only pay for the external services but also invest internal professionals to design the processes and implement the solution, but also to support data migration, train endusers, define reports and labels, set up permissions and so on. In addition, clients must manage the project. Many of the required tasks are highly specialized, require knowledge and experience – available resources with capacity and skills are often missing in our industrial companies.

2BCS gladly supports clients when implementing ERP solutions. Three different support options are available. Each option has a different scope and effort:

  1. A 2BCS consultant takes over the role of the Project Manager. We will ensure a successful implementation from A to Z.
  2. Coaching expert. We will support the Project Manager with our implementation expertise in the areas of risk management, testing, training, quality assurance, roles & permissions or change management. A coaching of the Project Manager is also an interesting option.
  3. Active participation in the Steering Committee of the ERP implementation. We will make sure that our clients’ interests are adhered too and the strategic decisions are taken.

Our customer promise

2BCS clients profit from our profound experience and knowhow concerning ERP systems. Our expert’s advice you independently of any interests and with many years of experience evaluating ERP systems and carrying out negotiations to the benefit of your organization. After contract signing, we can ensure that the implementation is carried out according to best practice, efficiently and with a satisfactory result for all involved.

Robin Seidelmann
Robin Seidelmann

Robin Seidelmann has been managing international MES and ERP projects since 2000. As a business informatics specialist with a focus on business processes in industrial companies, he is the first point of contact at 2BCS for ERP evaluations, ERP implementations, business process management and digitalization strategies. His focus is on large-scale manufacturing companies in discrete manufacturing as well as process industries. With over 9 years of industry experience and a multitude of consulting mandates, he is an expert in the topics of MES, IoT and Industry 4.0.

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