ERP selection based on SAP preliminary study

INTEGRA Biosciences AG

SAP Business One has been used for many years. The solution could not keep up with INTEGRA's growth. Many individualizations were carried out to meet the new requirements. There are still many "wishes" that cannot be fulfilled.

Project objective

A preliminary project was carried out with SAP. The analyzed processes were compared with the SAP standard. Based on this, the results (esp. the requirements) are used for a neutral evaluation by 2BCS AG to ensure a neutral evaluation of a new ERP system.

Project activities

  • Planning of the project in terms of time and content
  • Analyze results from the preliminary project
  • Identification of gaps closing these gaps
  • Long list analysis incl. validation with IT Matchmaker (max. 4 products and 6 partners)
  • Creation and sending of the specification sheet
  • Comparison of the offers
  • 1-day workshops with each candidate
  • Execution and evaluation of the workshops
  • Conduct and accompany negotiations
  • Prepare implementation project properly (resources, methods)

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