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Communicating well in the implementation project with the newsroom concept

"You cannot not communicate" - This sentence by Paul Watzlawick makes it clear that verbal communication is not necessary in order to communicate. Behavior, gestures and facial expressions communicate...

Ensuring Success in Software Implementation Projects through Quality Assurance

In the world of software implementation projects, ensuring quality is crucial. At 2BCS AG, we believe in a positive, proactive, and supportive approach to quality management, aimed at empowering the b...

Converting IFS perpetual licenses into IFS subscriptions

IFS customers are faced with the need to move from perpetual to subscription-based usage. This is a prerequisite for using IFS Cloud. IFS has compelling arguments to motivate customers to renegotiate ...

Unleash your potential with the course "Leadership in Business Software Projects" from 2BCS AG

Choosing the right executive education course is critical to your professional success. At 2BCS AG, we are proud to offer our Leadership in Business Software Projects course. Today, we would like to e...

2BCS Presents: The IFS Permissions Manager

We are thrilled to present a solution to these challenges: the IFS Permissions Manager. Developed as a direct response to the issues experienced by many IFS customers, this tool is set to streamline a...

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