For suppliers: Do's and don'ts when evaluating business software

How to make your next evaluation workshop a success...

Expert tip: How to plan your cutover management successfully

Cutover management is a very extensive subject area in any ERP or software implementation project. It involves a number of challenges, such as the coordinated execution of all necessary steps and acti...

A Methodology Guide for Permissions in IFS

A few months ago, we published a blog post discussing the challenges of setting up roles and permissions in IFS. In this following article, we will now share our methodology, which will simplify the p...

Tips & tricks for finding an optimal ERP or CRM system

Let's be honest: no company likes to replace its existing ERP or CRM system and carry out an evaluation. The digital backbone of companies is far too important for that. Nevertheless, there are always...

Gute Datenqualität: jeder will, (fast) niemand hat!

Das Thema Datenqualität holt Unternehmen spätestens bei Anpassungen von Prozessen oder ITSystemeinführungen ein. Je früher die Erkenntnis desto geringer der „Schmerz“....

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