Unleash your potential with the course "Leadership in Business Software Projects" from 2BCS AG

Choosing the right executive education course is critical to your professional success. At 2BCS AG, we are proud to offer our Leadership in Business Software Projects course. Today, we would like to explain why we are the ideal partner for your professional development. In an ever-changing world, we deliberately do not focus on traditional advanced training courses with purely academic knowledge. Instead, we focus entirely on the essence of experience, proven best practices and practical relevance.

Our success story in business software projects

Over the past decades, we at 2BCS AG have achieved impressive success in the field of Business Process Technology. Our expertise covers various industries and company sizes, and we have helped more than 200 organizations to successfully complete projects in terms of quality, time and budget. This consolidated knowledge from our consultants and the experience and best practices of renowned external speakers, flows into our multi-day course to provide you with practical insights.

Our success formula for business software projects

Business software projects such as ERP and CRM implementations require not only technical and process know-how, but also strong leadership in the area of change management. This is exactly where our course begins. We not only provide you with theoretical knowledge, but also show you how to apply it in practice to successfully execute transformations. Learn from our experts how to proactively manage change in your organization.

Collaborative learning, networking and practical application

Whether you have previous project management experience or are about to embark on your first major project, our course will provide you with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the world of business software projects. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your skills and develop professionally. Benefit from the experience and exchange with other course participants and also apply what you have learned directly in transfer tasks on your own project.

Register for our webinar and start your professional journey

Ready to take your professional development to the next level? Register for our webinar and get all the information you need to get started, as well as a sneak peek at our content and faculty. We look forward to supporting you on this step of your professional journey.

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Mauro Osta
Mauro Osta

Mauro Osta works as a consultant at 2BCS and specializes in ERP projects. His focus is on both evaluation and implementation. He studied business administration and business innovation at the University of St. Gallen. Focus of his studies were digitalization projects, innovation management and supply chain management. During his studies, Mauro Osta worked as a program assistant for various continuing education programs at the University of St. Gallen.

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