2BCS Presents: The IFS Permissions Manager

In the wake of our previous blog post “A Methodology Guide for Permissions in IFS” that highlighted the complexities of IFS roles and permissions methodology, we are thrilled to present a solution to these challenges: the IFS Permissions Manager. Developed as a direct response to the issues experienced by many IFS customers, this tool is set to streamline and simplify the approach to permissions and roles in the IFS environment.

Following months of dedicated development, in collaboration with our partner company WIA, we are proud to have started shipping the IFS Permissions Manager to our IFS Cloud customers with support for IFS Applications 10 is just around the corner. In this post, we will walk you through the background of the IFS Permissions Manager, highlighting its features and exploring how it addresses common challenges.


The Necessity: IFS Permissions Manager Solves Common Challenges

Over the years, as we have supported a broad range of IFS customers in the complex area of roles and permissions, the need for a dedicated tool became increasingly clear. Several common challenges were repeatedly surfacing:

  • limited consulting support in the market,
  • lack of an established methodology,
  • absence of standard roles and permissions,
  • poorly timed technical training
  • and a significant lack of reporting functionality.

These issues were hurdles for our customers and so we embarked on a mission to overcome them. Enter the IFS Permissions Manager – a tool designed to tackle all these obstacles head-on, while adhering to and enhancing the 2BCS methodology that we detailed in our previous blog post “A Methodology Guide for Permissions in IFS”.

Use Cases of the IFS Permissions Manager

We've designed the IFS Permissions Manager to be versatile, catering to a variety of scenarios. The tool is ideal for new IFS implementations, offering support for a completely new setup of roles and permissions. It is equally effective when applied to an existing system, where it can be used for auditing or checking the current role and permissions setup, and for detailed reporting. Furthermore, the IFS Permissions Manager provides invaluable support when upgrading from IFS Applications 9/10 to the IFS Cloud environment.

The Advantages: How to Benefit from IFS Permissions Manager

The IFS Permissions Manager is a web-based application that directly interacts with your IFS environment, eliminating the need for its own data storage. It boosts the standard IFS functionality by enriching permission sets with additional information. Even more important, the IFS Permissions Manager provides a holistic, graphical view of your Functional Roles and End User Roles, making them easier to manage and compare. Another key advantage is the simplification of the process of assigning end-user roles to users, which is particularly useful in IFS Cloud.



Insights into the functionalities of the IFS Permissions Manager

Setting up and comparing Functional Roles using the IFS Navigator:

Setting up and comparing End User Roles based on Functional Roles:

Assigning End User Roles to end users:

Looking Ahead: Further Optimizing Roles and Permissions Management in IFS

Our vision for the IFS Permissions Manager does not stop here. We have a roadmap for enhancing the tool with features such as standard reports satisfying the rigorous auditing requirements of public companies. We also plan to add Functional Role and End User Role templates and standard roles, as well as support for migrating existing IFS Applications 9/10 roles (which are "presentation object" based) to IFS Cloud roles (which are "projection" based). This will further streamline and simplify the role and permission management process for our customers.

Conclusion: Managing Roles and Permissions in IFS More Easily - With the IFS Permissions Manager

The IFS Permissions Manager marks a significant step forward in the way we approach roles and permissions in the IFS environment. By addressing common issues, enhancing functionality and providing a platform for efficient role and permission management, it is set to be a game changer for any IFS customer.

If you are interested in leveraging the power of the IFS Permissions Manager or if you would like to learn more about how it can benefit your business, we encourage you to get in touch with us at [email protected]. We remain committed to continuous improvement and we are excited about the enhancements we are currently working on for the IFS Permissions Manager.

About 2BCS AG

2BCS AG, based in St. Gallen and Zurich, was founded in 2006 as an independent, process-oriented consulting company in the field of digitalization. Our offer includes digitization strategies, evaluations in the ERP, CRM and MES environment as well as implementation services. More than 300 medium-sized industrial and commercial companies in Switzerland and abroad have used our services to date and, according to the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", 2BCS is the largest and most successful independent evaluation and implementation consulting company in Switzerland. Our secret of success is competent consultants and the ability to bring in knowledge, experience and competencies in such a way that our clients benefit maximally.

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Jafar Sabadia
Jafar Sabadia
Senior Consultant

Jafar Sabadia is a Senior Consultant at 2BCS. He studied business administration and business innovation at the University of St. Gallen and has worked at various startup companies. Jafar specializes in digitalization and focuses at 2BCS in particular on the topics of software evaluations and software implementations.

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