Evaluation „Projekt Horizon“​


The Zwick Roell Group is a German mechanical engineering company with over 1,650 employees worldwide, specializing in the manufacture of machines for materials testing. The Microsoft-based ERP and CRM system landscape is to be revised and modernised.

Project objective

Evaluation of a unified ERP in the group so that it does not overwhelm the smaller organization. Possibly a second unified system for the smaller organizations. CRM applies to the entire ZR Group. Central BI reporting must be ensured and efficiency potentials identified.

Project activities

  • Create strategy analysis and propose project roadmap
  • Create project plan and elaborate scope and required internal involvement
  • Record process landscape & application map
  • Document all relevant end-to-end target processes and identify process potentials
  • Document requirements with IT Matchmaker
  • Draw up requirements specification and carry out tender including Q&A
  • Evaluate offers and conduct evaluation workshops
  • Conduct contract negotiations
  • Prepare implementation project properly (resources, methods)

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