Implementation support IAX

Maxon Motor AG​

Maxon Motor employs approximately 2500 people. The company has been using IFS Applications 7.5 for many years. The upgrade to version 10 is being carried out as a new implementation. The processes and system support will be reviewed from the ground up.  

Project objective

The new solution is scheduled to go live as a big bang on 01.07.2019. In parallel, the business model is to be changed and the flow of goods optimized. 

Project activities

  • Onboarding of 2BCS, review of existing solution concepts (Functional Designs, FD)
  • Planning of the delivery and sign-off of the FD
  • Review and management of the creation of the FD
  • Planning and management of the testing
  • Conceptual design of a test management tool
  • Planning of the creation of the layouts/reports
  • Specification of the layouts/reports
  • Coordination of the developers

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