MSc der ZHAW

I-Hsiang Hung

I-Hsiang Hung is a Senior Consultant at 2BCS with a focus on CRM projects. Since the beginning of his professional life, his focus has been on the customer, starting from Apple Retail Switzerland to Hirslanden Group, he understood how to successfully translate the customer's needs and challenges into business. I-Hsiang holds a ZHAW degree in MSc Business Administration with Specialization in Marketing.

12 Years Work experience

  • 2021
    2BCS AG

    Since April 2021 Senior Consultant

  • 2019
    Hirslanden AG

    Head of Customer Experience Management - Strategic direction of patient programs - Responsible for benefit differentiation of insurance class-appropriate benefit portfolios.

  • 2016
    Hirslanden AG

    Product Manager - Customer Experience Management

  • 2013
    Hirslanden AG

    Marketing Assistant

  • 2012
    Apple Retail Switzerland


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