Quick Check – ERP Evaluation​

BIG KAISER Präzisionswerkzeuge AG

The deployed solution no longer meets the requirements of the current business. An update must be planned due to the software life cycle. A review of possible alternatives to Infor 7.1 is to be carried out. The process and business support should be optimized.


BIG KAISER wants to introduce a new ERP solution by the end of 2019 that optimally covers the needs of the company in the trade and production area. Based on this, the appropriate software solution will be defined by means of a quick check and subsequent ERP evaluation.


  • FIT GAP analysis of the currently used software solution 
  • Examination of potentials
  • Catalog of measures for optimizing the use of software
  • Process-based ERP evaluation
  • Definition of functional requirements 
  • Conducting vendor workshops  
  • Contract negotiations

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