2BCS Digital Navigator

Where are digitalization gaps and potential in your organization? Identifying gaps and finding the right solutions and changes to close these gaps is vital in today business world. This is a necessary approach to stay ahead of competition.

The 2BCS Digital Navigator is a web-based tool to support digitalization initiatives from the beginning to the end. The tool supports organizations in creating visions, supports online questionnaires and interviews when identifying gaps between as-is and target situations. The target models are based on four 2BCS maturity models. The models cover your business processes, your data, the way your organization interacts with its environment (suppliers, customers, partners) and in assessing the transformation mindset of your employees.

The tool support the valuation and prioritization of the identified gaps and creates call to actions and projects which can be implemented. The Digital Navigator enables the online management of all digitalization projects. All implementation steps are supported and create transparency and a common working space.

The Digital Navigator is a Game Changer for the digitalization of your business.

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