2BCS IFS Permissions Manager

Are you a user of IFS Applications or are you in the process of implementing this modern solution? If so then the 2BCS IFS Permissions Manager is the right tool for you. The online tool supports you when creating, managing, and auditing your roles and permissions.  The web-based tool is directly connected to your IFS environment. The tool visualizes the roles and permissions and greatly reduces the effort needed to set-up and manage your IFS security settings. In addition, you can profit from best practice templates and segregation of duties checks built into the tool. Your internal and external auditors will greatly value these features.

If you have been using IFS for some time then the 2BCS IFS Permissions Manager can visualize and compare your set-up with our best practice. 2BCS not only offers the tool but also consulting services, training, and best practice templates.

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